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Ik Ardas

Ham avagun bharay ayk gun naahee.

Amrit chaad bikhai bikh khaee-ee.

Maayaa moh bharam pai bhoolay

Sut daaraa si-o preet lagaa-ee.

Ik utam panth suni-o gur sangat

Teh milant jam traas mitaa-ee.

Ik ardaas bhaat keerat kee

Gur Raam Daas raakho sarnaa-ee 

I am filled with sins, and have not even one virtue.

Turning my back on the Nectar, I eat nothing but poison.

I stray into doubt, maya and worldly love.

I have become attached to my children and my spouse.

I have heard that the one highest path is that of the Guru’s congregation.

Meeting with them, the fear of death is dispelled.

This is the one prayer of Kirat the minstrel:

O Guru Ram Das, grant me Your protection.

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