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"To Make the Impossible Possible"


January 2nd - February 11th

Daily: 7:30 am - 8:00 AM PST

16:30 - 17:00 CET

Only on Instagram Live/Replay 

via private account



Sliding scale donation 

***Please note - a donation is required to participate***

This 40 day portal is an opportunity to clear the blocks created by karma so prosperity can prevail. When we move out of karma and into dharma (from fate into destiny) we become inherently prosperous.

 This meditation is said to redeem all negativity of the past and present, smooth out your day-to-day problems, and create a positive tomorrow. It can change your luck and allow prosperity to flow. It allows you to let go of attachments to the mind and to the impact of past actions, so you can create and live a fulfilled life.

Why 40 days?

According to yogic philosophy, 40 days is the minimum amount of time it takes to experience the extended benefits of a particular meditation or kriya.

The 40 day journey is also an opportunity to develop a relationship with our meditative mind and our sense of self-discipline. As we experience the inevitable ups and downs of our mind throughout the 40 days, we learn to understand the value of our personal commitment, and that we can show up for ourselves despite the fluctuations of the mind, and ultimately creating the steadiness to navigate the fluctuations of life.  

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