December 2021

Bhugata Gian
The 29th Pauri of Japji

The 29th Pauri is a shield of protection from enemies. 
It vaporizes animosity towards you.

Starts Sunday, December 5th 6pm PST

What is The Mantra Club?

The Mantra Club is a members only, weekly session of mantra study and recitation, focusing on one mantra for four consecutive weeks,

with a new mantra focus each month.

We'll meet on Instagram Live every Sunday for four weeks via a private, members only Instagram account, and build a deeper relationship with these sacred sounds. 

What's Included in my Membership?

  • 4 Sunday sessions of in-depth experiential study, focused on a single mantra 

  • Weekly, impromptu live study sessions 

  • Guidance on correct pronunciation 

  • 31 minutes of livestream group recitation per Sunday session 

  • Membership to @the.mantra.club IG account and all content posted there

  • Memorization guidance 

  • "Mantra Talk" on the key benefits of our monthly mantra 

  • Printable mantra sheet 

  • Infinite replay (with active membership)

  • Community