The Mantra Club

    About The Mantra Club

    The Mantra Club is a weekly session of mantra study and recitation. We'll meet on Instagram Live every Sunday for four weeks via a special, private Instagram account. With a focus on the same mantra for four consecutive weeks, we'll build a deeper relationship with these sacred sounds.  The mantra for November is: Ant Na Siftee "The Pauri of Infinity" The Twenty-Fourth Pauri, aka Ant Na Siftee, breaks through all limitations with the force of a thunderbolt, so powerfully that it affects generations; it has the power to kill misfortune. Starts Sunday, November 7th 6:00-7:00 PM PDT On Instagram Live or replay This class includes: * Pronunciation Guidance w/ Manpreet * 31 minutes of Virtual Group Recitation  * "Mantra Talk" on the key benefits of our monthly mantra  * Printable Mantra Sheet * Group chat * Q & A * Replay available  * In-depth experiential study *In-depth experiential study and focus, on a single mantra for 4 weeks Man-tra:  Man = Mind. Tra/Trang = Wave.   Through the repetition of mantra, using the tongue on the upper palate, we stimulate the pineal gland and create  “mind waves”, an energetic pulsation that vibrates outward from the stimulated pineal gland and restructures the aura.  The more recitations, the more the mantra or mind wave, crystallizes in the aura. As a group we’ll create one voice, a concentration of mind waves through the sound projection. Just as many single drops of water generate the momentum of a river, and many rivers generate the magnitude of the ocean tide, we’ll generate a wave of infinity through the group aura.