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May 20th - 26th 

Aix-en-Provence to Lourdes


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***Please note - a donation is required to participate***

This 40 day portal is an opportunity to build your pranic vitality and clarity,

for increased physical and mental stamina.

Panj Graani Kriya gives the Aura the pranic charge required to navigate time and space with steadiness and stability, for ultimate invincibility and prosperity.

It works on the diaphragm muscle, to keep it open, flexible, and correctly tuned. It's physical and energetic action keeps the body in a state of health that supports the vascular system, heart and brain.  

This meditation, from what Yogi Bhajan called the "half angle" system, is a part of an ancient science that is very old, very sacred, and very simple. It was kept for the higher caliber of disciples. When a student became a siddh and was certified and qualified, then his teacher would give him certain exercises of this caliber. These exercises are for those who have qualified themselves as sages with discipline and with spirit.

Why 40 days?

According to yogic philosophy, 40 days is the minimum amount of time it takes to experience the benefits of a particular meditation or kriya.

The 40 day journey is also an opportunity to develop a relationship with our meditative mind and our sense of self-discipline. As we experience the inevitable ups and downs of our mind throughout the 40 days, we learn to understand the value of our personal commitment, and that we can show up for ourselves despite the fluctuations of the mind, and ultimately creating the steadiness to navigate the fluctuations of life.  

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